Community Visioning Exercice - Seaside East Charrette

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The City of Seaside is inviting the public to help plan the future of Seaside East by participating in a Community Visioning Exercise, which will help provide a clear, community-supported vision for the development of the area.


The Community Visioning Exercise began with a special “Visioning Kick-off Event” on Sunday, October 24th from 1pm to 4pm at MLK School where the community was able to share with us their vision for Seaside East. 

CLICK HERE to see the presentation from the Seaside East Visioning Kick-off event at MLK School on Sunday, October 24th!


A follow-up “Community Feedback Event” took place on Wednesday, October 27th at 6pm at Oldemeyer Center where there was a community review and discussion of site options. 

CLICK HERE to see the presentation from the Seaside East Community Feedback Event at Oldemeyer Center on Wednesday, October 27th

A final “Charrette Outcomes Event” will take place on Friday, October 29 at 6pm at Oldemeyer Center, where there will be a final presentation with a community report and recommendations.

  1. Ashley Collick

    Assistant City Manager 
    Phone: +1 (831) 899-6812