Short Term Rentals

In 2018 the City of Seaside adopted regulations to permit and allow Short Term Rentals in the City of Seaside. This program currently only allows licenses to operators who can provide proof that they were operating a STR prior to April of 2018. hose that were not operating prior to that date, are not eligible for a license at this time. 

If you are found to be operating a short term rental without a license, you will be issued a citation of up to $1,000 per day. 

For more information about the Short Term Rental Program: 

Haroon Noori, Administrative Analyst II
(831) 899-6726 or 

Heads up Seaside Short Term Rental Operators:

April 24, 2020: 

Monterey County Health issued a clarification about how STR’s can operate during Shelter-In-Place. Please read the order and make sure you are in compliance.

April 16, 2020

City Council considered changes to the existing ordinance that would modify the application process, inspections, fees and more. Take a look at the Proposed Changes Here:

Staff Report 

Draft Ordinance 

Short term rental program
  1. Apply for A License

You can apply for & renew your Short Term Rental License  ONLINE

To obtain a Seaside Short Term Rental License, you must:

  1. Pay Your TOT Here

Need to pay your TOT for your Short Term Rental?

CLICK HERE to make your payment online through our new Host Compliance Platform 

This new system will link your payment directly to your account.  You should also be able to access your payment history, in the event you should need it. 

  1. Complaints?
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Have a complaint about a short term rental?

CLICK HERE and a message will be sent directly to Code Enforcement 

or call 831-220-3307.

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