Public Safety

Public safety is a top priority to the City of Seaside and its City Council. Seaside is fortunate to have tremendous resources, programs and departments that consistently provide excellent service to its residents and businesses.

Contact Information

The following links provide information about the City’s Police and Fire Departments, which focus on community-based policing and problem solving to meet the community’s needs and concerns, as well as beneficial information regarding local organizations related to the safety and well-being of our community.

Public Safety Office
Phone Number
440 Harcourt Avenue
Seaside, CA 93955
Non-Emergency Phone: 831-899-6748
Dispatch Phone: 831-394-6811
1635 Broadway Avenue
Seaside, CA 93955
Non-Emergency Phone: 831-899-6790

The City of Seaside has a zero tolerance policy for illegal fireworks.
The Seaside Police Department, in partnership with the Seaside Fire Department, has formulated an operations plan for illegal firework suppression beginning in May and continuing through July of 2020. The operation will focus on public education, and the safety of citizens, visitors, and property from use of illegal fireworks.
Violations will be enforced. Social Media - Citation

Zero Tolerance For Illegal Fireworks

 The Seaside Police Department’s website will be monitored for tips regarding illegal firework possession and use. Any viable information will be used for enforcement and the issuance of citations.Social Media - Report Crime

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Alert Monterey County Logo

Alert Monterey County Program 

Alert Monterey County uses the 911 database to call and deliver a recorded message to all landline phone numbers in a specific geographic area within a City and/or the County. Please visit the Alert Monterey County website to register online.

When to Dial 911 

Note: Dial 911 in the event of a life threatening emergency.

Teach Children About 911 

Please teach your children to dial 911 - especially if you are unable to dial it yourself at some point. It is a good idea to teach young children how to use 911 and the difference between an emergency (mom / dad has fallen and can’t get up, or mom / dad will not wake up) and a non-emergency (what time is it?).


Do not dial 911 for non-emergency situations. If you use 911 to ask, for example, when power may be returned during an outage, you may be tying up the line and preventing emergency calls from coming in.