Fats, Oil & Grease

Improper Disposal Issues

When cooking fats, oils and grease are poured down the drain, they collect and stick to household plumbing and sewer lines. Over time blockages occur that lead to sewer backups, sometimes causing sewage to overflow from plumbing fixtures or sewer system manholes. Overflows are a dangerous situation and not taken lightly. Improper disposal of fats, oils and grease are a costly problem, so please dispose properly!

What Not to Pour Down the Drain

The following items should never be poured down the drain, instead they should be disposed of by the waste hauler:
  • Cooking Oils*
  • Disposable Diapers
  • Fats*
  • Grinds (Coffee, Egg Shells, Peelings, etc.)
  • Kitchen Grease*
  • Kitty Litter
  • Paint
  • Paper Towels and other Paper Products
*Residents can request up to one pickup per week of used oils. The used oil containers can be used for kitchen grease, cooking oil, and fats disposal and needs to be placed curbside (not in the trash container). Residents need to contact GreenWaste Recovery customer service by calling (831) 920-6707 to request this pick up.

For more information visit Clogbuster.

Cleaning Schedule

Every main line in the Seaside County Sanitation District (SCSD) is cleaned every year. A jet truck flushes the lines with high powered water to clean the lines of any stuck or stagnant debris.

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