Public Works

"Public Works & Engineering"
The Public Works Department consists of the Engineering and Maintenance & Utilities Divisions and is primarily responsible for design, construction , operation and maintenance of all public facilities and public rights-of-way.  




Trinity Park playground

Water System

Two Water Towers

Bids & Proposals

Image of rolled plans


Cluster of Engineering Design words


Lower Broadway Street Maintenance

City of Seaside Water Buffalo Schedule:

Capra Park - Monday

Stuart Park - Tuesday

Havanna Soliz and Portola Leslie Parks - Wednesday

Mescal Neil Park - Thursday

Cunningham and Highland Otis Parks - as needed on Fridays

For more information on the use of the Water Buffalo please contact the Utilities Field Supervisor, Monty Miller at 831.899.6827 or

The Seaside Public Works Department makes every effort to respond in a timely fashion to repairs and maintenance concerns within the City. Please utilize the Non-Emergency 24-hour Public Works Hotline: 831-899-6828 to report the problem. Messages will be checked and responded to Monday through Friday.

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