Building & Code Enforcement

"Building and Code Enforcement" on image of plans
The City of Seaside Building Department is located within City Hall at the Resource Management Services counter. Before starting any type of building project or major repairs, it is recommended that the owner contacts the Building Department to verify whether or not a permit is required for the scope of work that is being proposed. The mission of the Building Department is to enforce and maintain public safety, health, and welfare. Through the use of building permits, the Building Department can ensure that structures are built to safe building code standards.

The Building Department also enforces the City's Municipal Code. A  Code Enforcement Officer is available to assist the public and enforce the Municipal Code. 

Report a Code Violation

Any illegal construction or Municipal Code violation may be reported to the Code Enforcement Department at 831-899-6729.

Plan Review Submittal Package

Preliminary Application Checklist
  1. Building & Code Enforcement

    Code Enforcement 24hr Hot-Line
    Phone: 831-899-6729

    Monday - Thursday (Closed on Friday)
    8 a.m. - 5 p.m.