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About Craig Malin, City Manager

CM General Plan Update PicCraig Malin's career in community building and organizational development spans three decades, with experience in both the public and private sectors. Appointed Seaside, California's City Manager in December 2015, Mr. Malin has experience with five cities, two counties, a metropolitan planning organization, and a park district. He also helped found a model public school (more here) with a curriculum centered on environmental science and responsible citizenship.

Craig holds Masters Degrees in Public Administration, Human Resources Development and Urban Planning and Policy. He was the first city manager to complete both the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative and Senior Executive in State and Local Government program at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Mr. Malin's professional recognition at the national level includes being the only local government official selected as Assistant Manager, City Manager and County Leader of the Year. A supportive leader, eleven local government professionals who have worked under his direction have gone on to be appointed CAOs.

From 2001 to 2015, as Davenport City Administrator, Craig set the record for city manager tenure for any Iowa city with a population over 100,000. Mr. Malin's tenure coincided with crime being cut by more than half, while the taxbase grew by more than two billion dollars. With infrastructure investment and targeted efforts to revitalize the riverfront, downtown and neighborhoods, Davenport was recognized as the nation's Most Livable Small City and won national awards for sustainability, citizen engagement, innovation and transparency. City operations and finances were improved dramatically, with Davenport becoming the first City in America with accredited police, fire, public works, parks and library departments. With his leadership, the City built a strong partnership with schools, opening a Creative Arts Academy in City-owned buildings, and partnering on innovative programs to pay for college tuition for high school grads.

Craig at desk.Mr. Malin is a member of the International City / County Management Association (ICMA) and American Planning Association (APA); holding the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) credential. He has attained the ICMA Credentialed Manager designation and has served on numerous national ICMA and NLC committees, including helping found the Sustainable Communities Committee and rewriting the credentialing exam for the profession.

Craig is a married father of two children; one a grade school teacher and the other a college sophomore. In his spare time, he coaches youth baseball, climbs medium-sized mountains, and has operated under the general assumption that this is the year for the Chicago Cubs for roughly a half-century.



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The Role of the City Manager

The City Manager's Office is responsible for:

  • Administrative direction
  • Leadership and coordination of City operation
  • Enforcement of all law and ordinances of the City
  • Development of effective short and long-range City plans
  • Assuring that City programs and services are efficiently and effectively provided
  • Ensures that policy direction by the City Council is fully implemented
  • Fostering a strong positive image and promoting public awareness of City activities, programs, and services
  • Serving as Chief Staff Liaison to other governmental and non-governmental agencies